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So what's next?

Currenty, I am working on a third novel called 'The Little Girl Told Me'. 

This story was inspired by true events. Here is a sneaky peak at the Blurb;

'There is an old empty house, perfect location for the Gardners to live in as it is close to Ellie Gardners’ father who has been left partially blind following a stroke.

Despite some reservations about the house Ellie Gardner and Jamie Gardner decide to move in with their two year old son Samuel and fifteen year old daughter Holly.

But all not is well. They hear frequent noises and strange things start to happen. Their son’s imaginary friend becomes very real and they soon learn that the house harbors a secret that has been kept hidden for over seventy years.'


For the children, I will also be looking to launch more Fierce Pierce pirate tales.  Visit Fierce Pierce for new releases.

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