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THE FORESEEN (The Jodie Vickers Series, #2)

Emma Coray holds no punches when touching on the delicate subject of domestic abuse. 

And now, comprising even more drama and suspense she brings the sequel to ‘Struck’.

With her signature supernatural vibe comes a hard-hitting story, concluding the Vickers' family saga

The Foreseen’.

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Jodie has finally managed to move on from her violent husband, Jack, and is forming new relationships and establishing her own business. With CJ, her son, she has a new home, the whereabouts of which are unknown to Jack, and the prospect of a normal life.

Jack, however, feels differently. He is the victim and he wants Jodie back to play the part of the dutiful wife with her life centred around his needs and desires. He is prepared to go to any length to find her and get her back under his control.

But not only is he frustrated by Barry, who was involved in getting Jodie away, he is also up against forces beyond his understanding. CJ’s best friends, Thomas and Kelly, killed in a hit and run incident are still not at peace and they establish contact with CJ and a medium, Mable, and are instrumental in trying to thwart Jack.

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The Foreseen has  been awarded the Five Star Seal from Readers' Favorites
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Fierce Pierce

More Fierce Pierce adventures on their way

Emma Coray is working hard
 to bring you more adventures with Fierce Pierce and
 his mightly crew.
Fierce Pierce: A Pirate's Tale

Author's notes

My first novel 'Struck' has been well received by readers and I'm humbled with such an overwhelming response to write the sequel.  So it was just as well that my intentions on leaving an open ending was so I could extend the story further into another full length nail biting novel! 

'Struck' leaves you with many unanswered questions, making it easy to get straight into the heart of the Jodie Vickers' saga and continue the story of CJ's paranormal experiences.  'The Foreseen' is even more compelling drawing the reader relentlessly through more frightening and chilling events.   The true dark side of Jack Vickers is revealed, eventually bringing the complete story to the ultimate climax.

I am so excited about the recent launch of 'The Foreseen' - the second and concluding story in the Jodie Vickers series. Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading your reviews.

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