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The Jodie Vickers Series: The Foreseen, #2

Reviewed By Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite
A controlling and abusive man searches for his runaway wife and son in the tense paranormal novel, The Foreseen (The Sequel to Struck), by Emma Coray. 

Angry that he has lost control over his well-ordered life, Jack will do whatever it takes to get Jodie back. But no matter how hard Jack tries to find Jodie and CJ, something or someone is running intervention for them. 

The two of them are inexplicably staying just beyond his reach.
Who is helping Jodie and CJ? 
Are they from this realm of existence or are they just very clever friends?

The Foreseen by Emma Coray is an intriguing paranormal mystery where the newly departed play an intricate role in the outcome of the story line. The characters are driven by the events that occurred in the first book, and the effects of their dilemmas and traumas. Their conflicts and reactions are carried over into this story, culminating in an exciting finale.

The will to survive and the underlying strength to make it happen, despite fear and naiveté, give the story authenticity. Jack's character is well-fleshed out, and he makes a wonderful antagonist; it is quite easy to despise him. 

With paranormal events woven into hair-raising incidents, this is a fascinating novel that will please those who are interested in human interest stories with supernatural influences. However, due to the more mature matter contained in some of the scenes, this is better suited for those who are young adults and older.

Susan Sewell

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

The story has layers to it and the author knits them in seamlessly and keeps the fluidity of the pace till the very end. The characters are well defined and they are real and relatable. 

The detailed narration and descriptions make the characters and scenes vivid and tangible to readers. The different angle in the plot, that of a medium, is quite interesting and introduces readers to another dimension that exists in the world. 

Thomas and Kelly, the unhappy souls, and Mable, the medium, make readers curious to know how they work. Thomas, Kelly, and Mable, and their connection with CJ, are quite frightening at times. The plot is riveting and that makes it a compelling read.

Mumta Madhavan

The Jodie Vickers Series: Struck, #1
Reviewed by Heather Osborne for Readers' Favorite

Jodie is in a loveless marriage where her bullying husband, Jack, controls her life with verbal and physical abuse. Her only solace and prop to help her through each day is alcohol and that also threatens to take control of her life.

Their son, CJ, suffers from bullying at school, but is too frightened to talk about it because he is more frightened of what his father's reaction would be.

Struck by Emma Coray relates how a tragic hit and run incident opens a way for them both to be free from their tormentors. Jodie discovers kindness and affection from an unexpected quarter and CJ finds a way to fight back.
But with all the twists of the plot the final outcome is never certain.

Emma Coray’s novel Struck is an intense look at the life of Jodie. Married to an emotionally abusive and controlling man, Jack, who also leans towards physical and sexual violence as well, Jodie resorts to drinking to numb the pain. Jodie works hard to keep her husband happy in every way. Her best friend wants Jodie out of the situation even more, and offers her a job at the local hospital painting a mural, which she must hide from Jack. However, when a tragic hit and run accident takes away their only son CJ’s best friends, Jodie finds herself wanting more and more to escape her own circumstances. As more information trickles in about the crime, will Jodie be able to break free of her abusive marriage, or will there be no hope of freedom in sight?

An interesting premise, Struck was a quick and easy read. I liked the different characters, including the underlying message that people are not always what they seem. 

I like the storyline about CJ and his friends that ran concurrently with Jodie’s own tale of escape from her abusive marriage. I would be very interested to read more books by Mrs Coray. Overall, Struck by Emma Coray is certainly a different kind of novel, touching on many different themes.

Heather Osbourne


Reviewed by Amour Alier at Armour's Books

This novel was very fast paced and had a plot that I've never encountered before which was great. I'm not sure if there is a sequel but if there is I would want to read it because I want to know who that third person was at the end and what happened to Jack. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a short spicy read that can read in a few hours.

Armour Alier

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Reviewed by K.J.Simmill for Readers' Favorite

The main focus of The Foreseen is on Jodie and Jack, along with the events surrounding her leaving him. 

From rage and violence to infidelity and murder, this is certainly a suspenseful read. 

The paranormal element is more subtle and for the most part revolves around CJ, although the forces at play have a way of knowing where and how they are needed most. Their subtle acts make huge differences, especially in life and death situations.

Emma Coray's narrative is intensely gripping and supported by a tight plot and a small cast of excellently developed characters. 

Whilst it is the sequel to Struck, I found it worked well on its own, any important information is filled in if it is relevant. Even without the paranormal aspect it is an engrossing read, it's so nice to find a book that doesn't feel the need to overuse such things when subtly works as well if not better. 

The Foreseen is an intense and gripping read that left me feeling a bit lost when I finally read that last page and had to return to reality.


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What a fantastic sequel. Definitely worth the wait.

Amazon Customer

Intensely gripping read, supported by a tight plot and a small cast of excellently developed characters. 

K J Simmill

An intriguing paranormal mystery,  with paranormal events woven into hair-raising incidents culminating in an exciting finale.

S Sewell

A riveting and compelling read.

M Madhaavan

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I loved this book, couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read more of this author's work!

Sheila Dowley

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Absolutely awesome read. Very modern. A page turner. Highly recommend!

Kristina Hettrick

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

I sat and read this in one sitting! Couldn't put it down!
Mrs K A Onyanga-Omara

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Thoroughly enjoyable read. It's refreshing to read a novel that is so different to all the other stories out there. Lots of twists and turns and an amazing ending.

Amazon Customer

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Brilliant. For a first time writer, Emma Coray has produced a first class novel. Well written, can't wait for the sequel.

Joan Hunt

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