Emma Coray


d) Struck (The Jodie Vickers Series, #1) - Paperback


Paperback Edition

Jodie is frightened. Of her husband, Jack.

He is a bully who controls her life, telling her what she should do; giving her daily chores and forbidding her from seeing her friends. He controls Jodie by verbal abuse but is not adverse to the use of physical, even sexual violence. Jodie realises that she is becoming more dependent on alcohol to help ease her mental stress as she tries to appease her husband .

Their son, Christopher, CJ, is all too aware of his mother's situation, but he is occupied with his own problems with a bully at school and is too frightened of his father's wrath to ask for help.

Tragically, it is a hit and run incident which opens up a path for them both to escape from their situations. Jodie discovers kindness and affection from a totally unexpected quarter and CJ finds the strength to fight back.

There are still numerous loose ends to be tidied up but mother and son can at last begin to feel that life can be good.

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